Remembering Walter

or: The Secret Life of Walter (Witty)*

Contribute your own thoughts or read what others have said.

Walter led a life as adventurous and often mysterious as his books. We welcome your comments on both here.

Be sure to click through the links at right to read the extraordinary memories and deep appreciation that his many friends and fans have posted to date.

* Thanks to Jean Heller for sharing this brilliant headline to her article describing Walter’s “Trailer Trash” book tour.

40 thoughts on “Remembering Walter

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  1. I first met Walter in a phone-booth-became-book-exchange in the Southwest of Germany. Of all the books (my family was becoming VERY impatient outside), I took his “Masquerade” with me, which seemed the most interesting of the whole collection. Now, about 5 years later, I´ve read all of his books except the first two. I just love his writing, and by reading his work one can feel the person behind the text, warm, witty, intelligent. I wish him peace, reincarnated or not.

  2. I met Walter through my genealogy research. I contacted him and we discovered that we both had the same Great Grandfather. He was so kind. He even sent me copies of photos of the Satterthwait’s that he had that I had never seen. We spoke a few times and he was interested in the genealogy of his family. Such a sweet man.

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