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Some miscellany that didn’t quite fit anywhere else but that we think is definitely worth a read. If you know of an article about or interview with Walter, or have something he wrote or said that you’d like to share, you can add it as a comment to this page.

from Mystery Fanfare

Mystery Fanfare blog Mystery author Walter Satterthwait passed away on Sunday after a battle with COPD and congestive heart failure. He was 73. Besides being one helluva writer, Walter was a clever, funny, and quirky guy. I always enjoyed talking with him at conferences. He also contributed to Mystery Readers Journal. Although it’s been awhile since I’ve seen … Continue reading “from Mystery Fanfare”

The “Trailer Trash” Tour

The SECRET LIFE OF WALTER: WITTY A mystery writer, quite a novel character, embarks on a do-it- yourself tour to promote his latest, Masquerade. It’s no time to be humble or serious. by Jean Heller, February 2, 1999 © St. Petersburg Times – St. Petersburg, Fla. Snowflakes splatter the windshield in nearly white-out driving conditions, … Continue reading “The “Trailer Trash” Tour”


Some of Walter’s wise and witty bon mots -I like mysteries because writing them gives me—theoretically, at least—an opportunity to demonstrate how clever I am.   -I needed to understand [my characters] first as people: to recognize the complicated—sometimes sloppy—uniqueness of their individual lives. And I think that doing this, in the act of fiction or … Continue reading “Epigrams”

Interviews with Walter have been published in January Magazine and Kirkus Reviews — and of course in Sleight of Hand: Conversations with Walter Satterthwait. You can find information about purchasing the last story Walter wrote here:

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