Remembering Walter

or: The Secret Life of Walter (Witty)*

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Walter led a life as adventurous and often mysterious as his books. We welcome your comments on both here.

Be sure to click through the links at right to read the extraordinary memories and deep appreciation that his many friends and fans have posted to date.

* Thanks to Jean Heller for sharing this brilliant headline to her article describing Walter’s “Trailer Trash” book tour.

40 thoughts on “Remembering Walter

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  1. OMG, Has Walter left us? I have been reviewing memories and thought to find Walter. I remember him from 1982-83 when he was renting a house on Paros Island (Greece) . I would see him in the cafe’s or restaurants, and we’d share some time having a coffee. One day I was on my moped and stopped by at his house which was on the side of the road near to Paros Poros beach. I yelled up to him to see if he was home, and he came out. He asked if I wanted a coffee, and I told him I was just checking on him, that he’s OK. We talked for a while and then he remembered that he didn’t “save” his last writings on his little computer. He ran inside, and his screen was dark. His computer had shut down and erased all his writings from the morning. UGH! So sorry Walter.

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