Remembering Walter

or: The Secret Life of Walter (Witty)*

Contribute your own thoughts or read what others have said.

Walter led a life as adventurous and often mysterious as his books. We welcome your comments on both here.

Be sure to click through the links at right to read the extraordinary memories and deep appreciation that his many friends and fans have posted to date.

* Thanks to Jean Heller for sharing this brilliant headline to her article describing Walter’s “Trailer Trash” book tour.

40 thoughts on “Remembering Walter

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  1. I knew Walter as a free lance photographer who took photos of my late husband, Stephen Kaplan, at the Amityville “horror” house. I was so impressed with him that many years later I searched and found him on Facebook. I just found out about his passing when FB mentioned his birthday. R.I.P. Walter.

  2. Dear Ada–As a relative, would you be the correct person to collect Walter’s royalties? I publish his e-books. If not you, do you know his most likely next of kin? Sorry to trouble you but thanks for your help. Otto

    1. Since anyone who asked to receive new comments gets emailed this discussion, Otto, I messaged you a reply on Facebook.

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