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Walter “Cool Walt” Satterthwait was more than a mystery writer to some of us at MBTB (Portland). We went to Reed College in Portland with him. He earned his sobriquet there because, well, he was cool.

We were thrilled when he got his mystery books published. There were five books in his Joshua Croft series, set in Santa Fe. There were three in his Pinkerton agent series. There were standalones and a couple of Lizzie Borden books. (One of his works was edited by the redoubtable Sarah Caudwell.)

In the end, Walt struggled to write as various ailments overtook him. Many fans, friends, and fellow writers contributed to a GoFundMe account to let Walt finish what he knew would be his last book amongst the inspiring scenery of Greece. Alas, his stay did not last long, as medical needs sent him back to the U.S. In the end, he was still trying to write, still trying to communicate with the group of people who continued to call and write him….

MBTB mourns a friend, an accomplished writer, and a free spirit.

Peace, Walt.

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