from Deron Bissett

I first noticed Walter Satterthwait walking up a dirt road in Santa Fe, on a cold winter day. He glanced at me, and I returned his gaze, but we were headed in different directions, so did not connect…until 8 years later in north Austin where he appeared at Mysteries and More to sign his book, Masquerade. We chatted about his early books, and agreed to sit down and visit the next time we were in town, his or mine. The next time came when we both attended Bouchercon 2003 in Las Vegas. Walter had a new book out, Cavalcade, and so we sat in the bar to catch up. As he signed several of his earlier books, he shared stories about travels to Wichita, London, UK, and a few other places. He drank another beer, and thanked me for bringing them along.
He said he was thinking of moving to Florida. I wished him well as we parted that afternoon. We kept in touch on social media, but never met again. I now hope he found peace as his heart gave out. He wished for time to write a final book. I hope that wish will be granted by those who supported his wish.

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